Cards, Matted Prints and Frames

A ll of the images in any of the galleries within this site are available for purchase in a variety of different products. We offer greeting and note cards, either individually, or in collections that share a common theme. These were designed to make it possible for you to share the beauty of nature with someone you love! Also any image is available as fine art prints in standard (4x6, 5x7, 8.5x11, 11x14, 13x19) sizes, but can be printed in any size you may need. These same fine art prints are available with matting and backing ready to put in your own frame, or framed and ready to hang on your (or that special someone's) wall. These frames are available in a variety of different types, sizes and in a wide range of prices. To see additional images of any of these products, just click on the corresponding image below. If you need additional information and can't find it here, use the contact form found in the menu tab above.

Fine Art Prints

All of our prints are printed on heavy archival quality glossy papers using Pigment based inks that will last for over 100 years before fading if treated properly. These are photos you can had down to your grand childen, or even their children for them to hang on their walls to remember you by. Standard size prints are available in 4x6, 5x7, 8x10, 8.5x11, 11x14, 13x19 sizes and come packaged in a"Crystal Clear" sealed polypropylene bag. Larger and custom size prints are available, use the contact form to request a quote. View more

Matted Prints

Our Fine Art prints are also available mounted in a black or white matting with backing, ready to be mounted in your favorite frame. They are packaged in sealed "Crystal Clear" plastic bags. All matting and backing products are archival quality and are acid and lignin free to prevent any degradation of the photograph. They are available in the following sizes - 8x10 (5X7), 11x14 (8.5x11), 16X20 (11x14), and 18x24 (13X19). The first set vof number represents the outside dimension of the matting, followed by the actual photo size in parentheses. View more


Standard Framed Prints

If your looking for something that's ready to hang on the wall, our Fine Art prints are also available framed and ready to go (Great for gifts). These are available in three pricing levels, Standard, Deluxe, and Custom based on the quility of the frame used. The standard framed prints include a quality wooden or plastic frame that was selected to accentuate the image you chose while trying to keep the prices low. They include a double matted print with backing, the frame, glass, and a pressboard frame backing. See below for information on Deluxe and Custom framing options. View more


Deluxe Framed Prints

The Deluxe framed prints include a higher quality wooden frame generally finished in a mahogany or walnut finish. These frames are selected to accentuate the image you chose while trying highlight the beauty of nature that was captured within it. They include a double matted print with backing, the frame, glass, and a pressboard frame backing. They come equipted with a wire hanging system already installed so all you need to do is hang it on the wall. View more


 Greeting and Note Cards

Three different styles of cards to choose from. Photo Frame - a 4x6 glossy photo inserted into a heavy 5x7 card resulting in a finished matted photo that is ready to be framed. Photo Greeting Card - a full 5x7 glossy 11 mil card printed to the edges. Photo Note card - a 4.25"x 5.5" glossy 11 mil card printed to the edges. All cards are blank on the inside and perfect for any occation. Individual cards are protected within a "Crystal Clear" sealed polypropylene bag. Collections are packaged inside a "Crystal Clear" plastic box. View more

Custom Log Frames

These handmade frames are a work of art in themselves! Available in any size required from 8x10 to 36x48 or you name it and we'll try it. They are also available in two types, a 1/2 log style that as it name indicates looks like a log that has been cut lengthwise then artfully assembled into a one of a kind frame. They are also available in a 1/4 log style in which the facing side of the log has been planed down to expose the exquisite grains of the Aspen logs these frames are made of. Please click on the image above to see examples of these styles, then use the contact form found on the contacts page located under the menu tab above, to get a quote or to get additional information.  View more

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