This website was created as a portal through which I might share with you, some of the increadable natural beauty that I have been blessed to see during my years on this incredable planet.I firmly believe that copious amounts of amazingly beautiful things have been created all around us for no other reason than for our enjoyment. It is a sad, sad sign of the times that we live in, that people today either don't care to, or don't have the time to stop and experience this beauty that is all around them! To raise up early and appreciate a colorful sunrise, to get down on thier hands and knees to see the intricacy of even the smallest of the wildflowers, to stop and enjoy the melody that the songbird sings just for us, to hike into the backcountry and smell the wildness and experiece the peace that the mountains bring. These are the things we are missing, the things that we need to be happy and fulfilled. Please take a moment to stroll through these galleries and enjoy the beauty that I have experienced and hopefully you will also feel the peace it has brought me!  

Wildlife Galleries

Amazing wildlife photos from North America and       Eastern Africa                                           View more

Landscapes Galleries

Some of the amazing sites from the National Parks and other senic wonders of the United States, Canada and Eastern Africa. View more

Bird Galleries

Spectacular photos of some of the most beautiful of our fine feathered friends. From all over North America and Eastern Africa. View more

Wildflower Galleries

Beautiful blooms mostly from California but also from all over North America and Eastern Africa.    View more

Waterfalls, Lakes and Streams

Images of the peace and beauty that water features of all kinds bring to our lives. View more

Mountain Mike's Favorites

These are SOME of my personal favorites. They aren't necessarily the best images, but they are my favorites. Which shots are your favorites?View more


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 The images in all the galleries on this site are availble for purchase in a variety of different formats. They can be purchased as greeting or note cards, prints, mounted prints (with matting and backing board), Standard framed prints (ready to hang on your wall), as well as deluxe and custom framed prints. Click on the products tab in the drop down list under the menu tab above, for a full description of each of the of the different products that we have available.

         To purchase a print, just click on the thumbnail of an image that interests you within any of the galleries, this will bring up a larger version of the image for your inspection. When your ready to purchase click on the "Buy Now" icon and a list will appear showing all products that are available featuring that image, along with a full range of sizes with pricing.


The mountains are calling ... and I must go!               John Muir

Have a "Special Needs" wall?

If you see an image that you love but the selection of print or frame sizes (or shapes) doesn't fit the area where you'd like to display the image, Please drop me an E-mail and let me know the size or configuration that you need, and I'd be happy to send you a quote on what it would cost to fill your need for a special size print or frame. Custom framing is also available on all standard size prints.

Latest Work


East Africa 2017


I am in the midst of processing nearly 36,000 images that I took on my month long adventure to Kenya and Tanzania last fall. You can preview some of these images by clicking on the Leopards above, then choose East Africa 2017. As soon as this processing is complete I will be adding them to the galleries. Keep your eyes open for these, I promise, you won't be disappointed. I saw some amazing things! We concentrated on some of the rarer animals that are not seen often.


Amazing Images of the rock faces, spires and domes of my first and truest love.

Wildflower Galleries

Looking for images of a specific wildflower? You can browse the gallery menu in the sidebar or use the search box to find the name you know.

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